Evening Photography

Evening Candid Photography

Is your Photographer going after the First Dance, or only there for a while after? Yes?! Then they miss half the fun!

Don’t worry we can take care of the late night shapes!

Or maybe you would just like a different take on it all.


With High Grade Canon DSLR and our unique vantage point, we can provide a evening full of fun pics! We have an angle on the night that nobody else has, from behind the DJ booth, we can provide alternative views for 1st Dance and any other special moments, also we can snap the dance floor shenanigans and late night drunken faces that a Wedding Photographer would never let you see! These are often so funny and such a highlight, will keep you laughing for long after the day!

Perfect for birthdays, corporate, or other events too!

Limited Availablity depending on date/staff – £95-145

You can expect around 50 pictures as an average. Pics will be fully edited and uploaded for you. You should expect a mix of classy & hilarious snaps!

Our Instagram has many of these from past clients, to give you an idea:


ALL of the pictures below are from Candid Photography by our DJs, indeed most the photos on this site have been taken by us personally.




We can also assist with party planning/wedding planning too!
We’ve worked with at a lot of venues and with a lot of people and know who and where is good.