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Questions? of course!

Many people don’t book a DJ very often.

On this page we try to be unbiased and it’s not full of sales chat either.

It’s worth reading our ‘Wedding DJ‘ or ‘Events DJ‘ pages too, as they give lots of information.

Many answers are here, if not please get in touch.

Who are we?

We are a small team of Professional DJs, based in Devon, skilled at Weddings and all other events. Mark will be your co-ordinator, DJ’s will be selected from our small team (3) based on music styles, venue needs, and extras that may have been booked. It’s all very simple. Also it allows us to have backup staff for emergencies too!

How far ahead should we book?

As early as you can, we are rather in demand, especially for summer wedding dates or Christmas and New Year dates. Many customers book months, a year or even two years ahead to ensure they get us. If it’s a date that’s close, it’s still well worth getting in touch, as we have a few DJs, so sometimes there is one of us free for later bookings.

How much do you charge?

This depends on date, time, location, equipment needs etc, it’s variable in the extreme. We do offer several packages, some options would be:

  1. Wedding DJ with Full Setup from £395
  2. Wedding DJ with Full Setup + Photobooth/Pod from £675
  3. DJ with Full Setup + Photobooth/Pod + LOVE Letters from £775
  4. Event DJ with Smaller Setup from £345
  5. Event DJ with Full Setup from £395
  6. ‘All Day’ Wedding DJ, afternoon music and evening party from £545

Add ons:

Uplights from £45
Evening Event Photography from £95
Wedding Postbox £45
(subject to availability)

We are very competitive like for like. We offer a skilled and quality service, so prices are not bargain basement, we however tend to be on the lower side of quotes for similarly higher end services, we hope to have the perfect balance of high quality and good value pricing.

What equipment do you bring?

We bring a full DJ setup with all that you need, and none of what you don’t, rather than selling different sizes of equipment and asking the client to choose the size (i.e four lights, six lights, two speakers, four speakers etc), we prefer to bring the right equipment for the job as standard, rather than offering undersized/oversized setups, it keeps it simple for you and ensures the best sound and light for the event.

What’s your DJ style?

Most classy events these days do not want a waffling, banter filled evening! Equally a rigid DJ who doesn’t say anything at all is not that inviting or very approachable either. We carefully balance our mic input based on the event and what’s needed. Some events need more, some hardly any.

What’s your experience?

For a Wedding or Party DJ, experience is king, as is passion. All of our team have many years of weddings and events under their belts, it really does count and make the DJ better, more professional and able to deal with all type of crowds and situations. A young, new startup may seem hip and cool, but it takes years to become even half good at the mixed crowds a wedding/party brings. Experience is highly important, and all our DJs have lots!


Will you work with a Sax Player/Percussion/Singer/Drummers etc?

Yes definitely, we know some really good ones, we would be happy to get on board for your event. We’ve worked with many, so know the ones to book based on experience!
Tim Watson is our favourite Sax Player.
For a Singer it has to be Meghan Rae
DHOL drummers Dilkush

Will you play music we like?

Always! We actively encourage you to let us know your tastes and styles, to add into the evening. Our DJs are highly skilled and can work with your choices and add in our own selections to ensure a seamless night of music to entertain all. We try to give all guests something to dance to, with a big nod to your tastes and styles. For theme nights and regular parties, the music is even more flexible and will be selected to suit the occasion perfectly. DJs are selected from our small team to match the styles of music you mention as your favs!

What time should we have our first dance/start the party?

If a wedding, don’t do your first dance too early. The ideal time is around 8pm from our experience (earlier in winter). Never do it before the evening guests arrive as they’ll be upset they missed it, and you’ll be on and off the dancefloor to meet new arrivals. We will provide atmospheric background music before the first dance to build the party up. Similarly with non weddings, don’t have it booming whilst people arrive and catch up, give it a time for everyone to have a drink and greet their friends first.

We love House, Techno, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Indie, R&B…..etc, will you play it?

Absolutely! We take pride in the fact we will play more diverse styles, whilst we always keep an eye on the party to ensure everyone is catered for, less mainstream music is often just what a party needs to keep going all night. If you are into something interesting, we try to have a bit of a ‘session’ as the evening progresses. As mentioned above, DJs will be selected from the team based on the music preferences you mention during booking.

Will the DJ mind if we playlist most/the entire night?

A wedding reception or party night is a mix of all types of people who will be into many styles of music, we try to cater for all. If a party is strictly playlisted to one or two persons taste (we HAVE done these before so speak from experience), it is then not using the DJ to the best of his ability. What seems great when planning your list at home, is often not the same as a room of people ready to party. Not all the guests share the same musical tastes.

We like to take a list of approx 20 songs to work into the night and use our skills to keep the energy going and keep everyone entertained for the rest of the night. We are happy to take your playlist and weave it around guests requests and use our skills to set the atmosphere and work the dancefloor. It’s also about pacing the night too, right song at the right time, the DJ will know when is best to slot in the right song for best effect.

We do NOT accept ‘only from the list’ events’, they simply don’t work. Hiring a DJ is done for their skills to manage the dancefloor, taking away that ability negates the need for a DJ at all.

As said above though, we DO wish to tailor the night to you, so will happily take a list of favs to add into the mix.

How many songs would be played during a 4-5 hour party?

It works out at around 17-18 songs per hour, so approximately 70–80 songs on average.

Can we ban certain songs or styles?

Yes indeed, this is no problem at all. Also please let us know in advance if any particular song is a trigger for any guests

Powderham Castle

We like some of the options on the Extras  page, can we add them later?

Yes absolutely, subject to availability, you can add extras like Uplights, LOVE Letters, etc, if you find your budget allows at a later point. Availability is better if you book at the start though.

Torn between DJ or band?

A quality DJ has a much more extensive repertoire than most bands. A DJ can offer thousands of songs over every style imaginable. Even the best bands only know maybe 50 songs well, and can only play those styles that fit in with the instruments and skills they have. A good band, costs a lot more than a similar grade DJ too, the main thing with bands, is that they will only tend to play for 90 mins or 2 hours, the average evening event is 4 to 5 hours, a DJ will fill the entire time. Some bands offer fill in music or ‘dj’, but this is almost always an ipod/phone with a playlist, it doesn’t offer any atmosphere, or flexibility.

If you are set on a band, why not have both? We work with bands often, to create a full and varied night. We are more than capable of filling your entire evening with quality entertainment on our own though.

Our setup is clean and tidy and will look super in the background of your first dance photos too.


What if the DJ is ill or has an emergency?

We are a small team and in addition we have an extensive network of colleagues to call who work with us often. We’ve never let anyone down.

Our venue requires Public Liability Insurance, do you have this?

Yes we have £10 million Public Liability and PAT tested equipment

What if we need to cancel?

Luckily cancellations are rather rare. The deposit is our guard against loss, as once you book, other enquiries are turned away. If you need to change your date, we will move your deposit to the new date. If you need to cancel completely, unlike most suppliers, we do return the deposit it if the date is filled with another booking.

Do you need WiFi, etc to DJ?

We are ‘real’ DJs, as in we have our own music collection built up over many years. Streaming/Spotify/YouTube are nowhere near good enough to DJ with, you can’t properly mix them, the sound quality through a powerful PA is compromised and you are reliant on strong and fast internet connection, which a lot of wedding venues, especially rural ones, do not have. We do have subscription services for off the wall requests though.

How about LGBTQ+ Events?

Most definitely, this is one of our favourite types of event/wedding, we have a page for you here.

What times do you play?

This is infinitely flexible. A standard evening booking is usually 7-7.30pm-Midnight. Early start or setup and later than 12 finishes are available.

We’ve decided we want you. What do we do to book?

It’s simple, get in touch, we check availability, if its good, we take a deposit, and your contact details and you are booked! Nearer the date we’ll have a chat to go over all the timings and music. Feel free to keep in touch in the time in between, if you need help on party planning etc.

Got another question? Please get in touch.